Saturday, 17 March 2018

Intel HEX file to Verilog MEM file

This application is made to convert from Intel hex format to Verilog memory file format and is intended to be call by the compiler after HEX file was generated.
You need to put the EXE in your Debug directory.
Down is an example of usage from Atmel Studio on Post build command line:

IntelHexToVerilogMem.exe -i "$(OutputFileName).hex" -o "C:\GitHub\XMEGA-CORE-IP-TST\core1ROM.mem" -g 2

the -g argument is optional (default is 2) and indicate the length in bytes on a row, values supported are 1, 2 or 4.

Download application.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Raw file to C GCC array converter.

This application converts all files (txt, jpg, bmp, and other) to an constant array hat can be imported to any GCC compiler.
This application export a header fine and a source fine with ".h" and ".c" extension with the same name like imported file.
The input can be multiple files with no filter to extension.

From here you can download the application.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Lepton FLIR thermal image sensor PC application.

I made this application to display the Lepton FLIR thermal image sensor.

This application handle raw received data using uart interface.
The user send the image captured by image sensor in raw mode 80 * 60 * 2bytes = 9600 bytes with a pause of about 60 miliseconds.

This application can be downloaded from here. (this application requires .NET Framework 2.0)
From here you can download a SDK that include even the STM32-E407 board application example to work with Lepton FLIR thermal image sensor.
    From here you can get a simple driver to read data from image sensor using SPI interface.

The sensor will be connected as fallow:
Sensor CS -> PG10
Sensor CLK -> PB10/SPI2_SCK
Sensor MISO - > PC2/SPI2_MISO

Monday, 24 November 2014

BeagleBone Black bridge from USB0 device to eMMC and uSD.

On internet, even on TI forum the people asks how to access (read, write, modify & restore ) data from eMMC on BeagleBone Black.
I create two applications that can run from uSD, this applications bridge the USB device MSC to one of two interfaces MMCSD0 (uSD) or MMCSD1 (onboard eMMC).

The application which  bridge the USB0 to uSD will help the developers to modify the app files from uSD without pulling the uSD from BBB.

This two applications has not a fast data transfer but help the developers to restore read modify data on this two interfaces.

From here you can download the MLO (second stage bootloader) for BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black.
From here you can download the application that bridge USB0 to MMCSD0 (uSD) about 4MB/ read and from 130 to 400KB/s write depending to the uSD card, this application works on BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black.
From here you can download the application that bridge USB0 to MMCSD1 (eMMC) about 10-11MB/s read and 700KB/s write, this application works on BeagleBone if you connect a eMMC or a SD/uSD/MMC card on a expansion board on MMCSD1 pins, the eMMC can work in 1-4 or 8 bit data bus, but if you use the code on BeagleBone without connect a eMMC circuitry the application don't hangup.

For people that want to restore BBB original firmware, from here can download the image of eMMC.

Entire project can be cloned from here.