Monday, April 13, 2015

Lepton FLIR thermal image sensor PC application.

I made this application to display the Lepton FLIR thermal image sensor.

This application handle raw received data using uart interface.
The user send the image captured by image sensor in raw mode 80 * 60 * 2bytes = 9600 bytes with a pause of about 60 miliseconds.

This application can be downloaded from here. (this application requires .NET Framework 2.0)
From here you can download a SDK that include even the STM32-E407 board application example to work with Lepton FLIR thermal image sensor.
    From here you can get a simple driver to read data from image sensor using SPI interface.

The sensor will be connected as fallow:
Sensor CS -> PG10
Sensor CLK -> PB10/SPI2_SCK
Sensor MISO - > PC2/SPI2_MISO