Sunday, May 6, 2012

Xmega A1 Media Player development board

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Features of this development board:
  1. Main controller ATxmega64A1/ATxmega128A1/ATxmega64A1u/ATxmega128A1u.
  2. On-board External 512KB SRAM memory ( AS6C4008 ).
  3. One or two onboard 24c EEPROM ICS up to 2Mb, or 23K serial RAM memory, or combined.
  4. One or two onboard uSD memory card sockets, with led to indicate activity of each uSD memory card.
  5. On-board usart to USB converter ( FT232RQ), with RX/TX activity led.
  6. On-board dedicated battery charger controller via USB connector ( MCP73871 ).
  7. On-board dedicated resistive touch screen controller ( AR1020 ).
  8. On-board dedicated RTC/64Bytes SRAM/128Bytes EEPROM circuit with backup high capacity capacitor ( MCP79410 ).
  9. On-board Ogg Vorbis/MP3/AAC/WMA/MIDI codec ( VS1053b ) with jack 3.5mm audio output ,3 pin connector audio input and connector for button style Microphone, with led activity monitor on xDCS, xCS and and DREQ pins.
  10. 320x240 TFT high quality display 8Bit bus mode ( MI0283QT-2 ) connected to external SRAM bus to increase speed of transaction using DMA working with him like a external SRAM.
  11. One 30 pin extension peripheral connector with bidirectional 8bit data bus, unidirectional 8Bit A0-A7 address bus,7 chip select signals, RW and RD signals and one IRQ line.
  12. On-board bus extension decoder to allow up to seven external peripherals directly accessed via external RAM bus ( 74LV138 ) and up to 256*7 external peripherals with external addresses decoders.
  13. One lateral push button user defined(like PWR/Back).
  14. One lateral push button reset function.
  15. PDI programing connector.
  16. JTAG debugging connector.
  17. 3V VLDO power regulator for all circuits, to power this board from LI-IO battery on entire range of voltage ( 3.2 to 4.2V and 5V from USB connector).
  18. 1.8V VLDO power regulator to power digital section on VS1053b circuit.
  19. On-board NOKIA or HUAVEI battery connector.
  20. Three pin connector to connect an external battery.
  21. 29 IO pins accessed via two lateral 26 pin connectors ( entire B and C port, pin port A2-A7 and D1-D7 ).
  22. Resistive divider to monitor the battery voltage.
 Down I posted several photos of board generated by a 3D software:

 In future for this board will be developed extra peripherals like:
  • ATA high capacity hard disk shield.
  • Secondary displays shield.
  • Ethernet interface shield.
  • Nand flash memory shield.
  • Video sensor shield.
  • Magnetometer shield.
  • Gyroscope shield.
  • Dedicated ADC shield to make oscilloscope.
  • Video out encoder shield.
  • Wireless communication shield.
  • GSM communication shield.
  • IR communication shield.
  • Bluetooth communication shield.
  • GPS shield.
  • Motor stepper shield.
  • Xbee shield.
And others.

This board will be delivered with a demo MP3 player project source code and a framework with library's and drivers special developed for this board.

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