Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Stereo digital audio spectrum analyzer V4.0

This is a stereo upgrade of previous version 3.x.

These boards can be bought from http://devboardshop.com

This version has multiple changes from the previous version, like:

V 4.0A is a version with 18 Bands + Two VU meters for right and left channels.
  1. Can handle stereo signals.
  2. Display format is 18+1+1( to display 18 bands of frequencies and Left Right signal level) .
  3. USB adapter for easy upgrade.
  4. Dedicated RTC with battery back-up.
  5. Added two usart connectors to create cascade spectrum analyzers( to create large display from boards like this ).
  6. A microcontroller twice faster that previous and multiple hardware advantages that increase speed of signal processing and display rendering.
Down I posted two photos with new board design.

V 4.0B is a version with 20Bands.
A 3D presentation of Audio Spectrum Analyzer 4.0B:

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