Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mikro Media for Xmega simple Lcd Touch Paint

This is made with 100% my library's developed in AVR GCC because free source code for LCD display and touch screen can't be found on internet.

When you power up the board with this firmware, the board enter to touch screen calibrate, in four points, after the last point is touched the display is painted with white back ground and you can scribe through touch screen with chosen color touching the colors rectangles from right up of display.
Chosen color will appear like a rectangle painted with the same chosen color on right down of display.
If you want to clear the display, touch the black rectangle from right down of screen.

In this firmware I add function to choose ink color and to clear display.

On this version is eliminated the previous described bug.


On the 1.0 firmware version is a bug caused by the capacitors connected in parallel with Q5 and Q9 that is not filtered by the firmware, but for the current work is not a critical bug :D.

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