Thursday, May 6, 2010

Multifunctional 20 Band Audio Spectrum Analyzer V3.0.x

This project is a version 3 firmware and hardware upgrade spectrum analyzer with 20 audio band of 20 levels each and includes other functions and utilities improvements.

From Digital electronics and programing
From Digital electronics and programing

On future:
  1. Option to put five, ten or more of this boards, each board filtering one frequency, rotated by ninety degrees to obtain large size of panel for disco or other purposes.
  2. Ability to display a text message received on the serial unit.
  3. Ability to display time during sleep.
  4. Function to adjust the signal level manually.
  5. Ability to wake up from standby function if signal input is detected.
  6. Ability to enter standby mode in the absence of input signal.
  7. Ability to export using the serial unit, the levels displayed on the local display.
And many many other functions...........

On this update has been added AGC function(Automatic Gain Control), this function allow the spectrum analyzer to work with signals between 80 and 1000mV without external signal conditioner or external signal regulator.
This function can not be turned off from menu settings.

With this update you can download an update for PC client of the up-loader for  this spectrum analyzer, please go here to download this software.

Is renamed because is one big step from filters combined (digital & analog) to completely digital filtering.
Added functions:
  1. Ability to enter in standby from menu.
  2. Change from help of analog circuits to filter audio bands to completely digital filtering bands, without the help of analog filtering circuits ( this improve the stability of the displayed bands ) .


Added functions:
  1. Improve speed of way to display levels of frequencies 0,1 & 2.
  2. Ability to set the start-up light when is connected to power supply.
  3. Ability to set-up the horizontal way to display the levels of frequencies, normal or mirrored for stereo use, the way is memorized for start-up config.

  1. Eleven different ways of displaying the levels of frequencies.
  2. Five modes(ways) of display luminance.
  3. Ability to set the star-up mode when is connected the power supply.
V3.0.0 & V3.0.1 generic versions( discarded ).

This spectrum analyzer can be bought from here.
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