Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mp3 player with ATmega64, Vs1011 & Samsung E700 display

This MP3 player is an upgrade to this player . New in this player is a new nice interface with bitmaps from media player windows 7 and windows 7 battery icons.

I preferred to use bitmaps for interface because in future i want to be possible to change the skin interface from SD card, in this case is more simple to create skins for this player.

This player can be bought from here.


A little correction for used times for back light, keyboard and battery showing.

Download MP3 PlayerV1.0.1A


This version player is made to use ASM_SDK V1.0.4 and prepared to work with multiple opened files.

Download MP3_PlayerV1.0.1

From here you can download ASM_SDK.
With ASM_SDK 1.0.5 or newest version you can play from SDHC high capacity > 4GB, at the frequency of only 6 MHz you can play 320Kb/s bit rate melody's.

V1.0.0From here you can download the first source code for this player.To compile this player is necessarily to download and include ASM SDK from here, this version is made to use ASM_SDK V1.0.3.

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Wow ! Great ! Your idea seems inventive enough.