Thursday, May 6, 2010

Complete File to Hex converter

I've made this converter because I've searched on the internet looking for a converter that converts one file.bmp with header in decimal or hex and i didn't find it. This converter convert a file.bmp in a file.asm with all the additions ".db" for declaration constants.

The result file contains all the bytes converted without exception.
The name of the result file is: 'name of file converted.asm' for AvrASM ex: test.bmp is saved test.bmp.asm

Because I've been asked about a AvrGcc converter, i have created a program for converting in .h files
The name of the result file is: 'the name of file converted.h' for AvrGCC ex: test.bmp is saved test.bmp.h

This is the result for AvrASM:

This is the result for AvrGCC:

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Anonymous said...

where can I get this software?