Thursday, April 23, 2009

DiY: most tiny MP3 player with ATmega8 VS1011a and Nokia6100 Display

This is a complete mobile MP3 player and first mp3-player with ATmega8 and Nokia 6100 color display.

An demo firmware and gerber file for board will be available soon.

This player has capability to play wav and mp3 files and view BMP files on 8 or 24 bits/pixel from a MicroSD card with maximum capacity 2GB, the format of the SD is FAT32 with clusters from 512 Bytes to 32768Bytes, the filesystem has no limits in number of directories and files.
For future i want to adapting the SD driver for SDHC because the filesystem is designed to use all capacity of fat32 ( 2TB in 512Bytes/sector)

List of features:
Play Wav and MP3 Files because the VS1011a only this files is capable to decode( but for future in this project i want to include the VS1053 chip to play more file formats.
View Bitmap files on 8Bit and 24 bit/pixel

This project is in asm language and my 100% own libraries

For the moment the project has 5172Bytes of Flash , 663Bytes of Ram and 0Bytes of EEprom
Several variants of this player can be found for purchase here.

I work to another MP3 player:
New MP3 Player Link


Jeremy said...

This is a very cool project, I think the biggest downfall of most cheep/small mp3 players is the poor UI, it would be awesome to have an open-source player that I could change on a whim.

12oclocker said...

Nice job on the board etch, I spent years doing it before I could get good hairline trace sized etches.

Morgoth said...

After i finish this mp3 player, i try to make one mp3 more small but no display.

Sorry but this project will not be open source but will have a config file stored in internal EEPROM memory which will choose a skin

Anonymous said...

The yampp players, are all open-source.
See the discussion forum for info on the cool yamppPod player.

Morgoth said...

This project will be open source but not now because is not complete.
This mp3-player will have and one external 64KB eeprom for skin, this eeprom in future will be updated with skin image from SD card, and if is space in flash will be contain one flash/ram user zone updated from SD card.

Rackmount LCD said...

I am sure student should get impress with this project must got knowledge to increase skills.

zaiour said...

great work thats a full great work.
plz i need the libraries and files for the LCD to use in my final year senior project so if can plz send me personally on my email i will be very thanking hope to have some in C language.
good luck!!

dannyvj said...

foarte tare.. felicitari ... asa de tare e incat imi sta pe limba sa te intreb cum ai facut toate astea desi ma astept ca raspunsu sa fie pe masura datasheet-ului de la ATmega64 :p

ab said...

This is really good for any project for student .

so thanks again for this.

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