Saturday, October 4, 2008

RPM & Temperature & Gass Monitor

One simply project for ATmega Microcontrollers

Function = RPM & Temperature & Gass Monitor in Graphic mode

One module for measurament of pulse and convert in RPM
One module for measurament of Temperature in analogic mode
One module for measurament of Fuel Gass in analogic mode
One driver for LCD display Nokia 3310 including char inserting and logo paint
This program is compiled in ASM AVRStudio 4

Target core = Posted for Atmega8
Modified = All ATmega Core

Resources :
Data Flash = 2114 Bytes
Code Flash = 1256 Bytes
Total Flash = 3370 Bytes
Data Ram = 7 Bytes

Download entire project

1 comment:

pouliusas said...

Hi, what type of tranzistor you are using in gass monitor scheme??