Saturday, October 4, 2008

Extended driver in comand line for Nokia6100 Display Philips chip

This driver is designed to work with a display of Nokia6100 with the Philips chip and is provided with additional features from the base:

This driver is double buffered to refrash's on display only characters that are modified in this way speed refrash being much improved given that SPI interface 9Biti display is done with software

Positions included declared constants in the driver are:

1) DisplayIdle = Idle
2) DisplaySetup = Interface Setup
3) DisplayWriteChar = WriteOneChar (auto increment, R16 = character writing)
4) DisplayUpCursor Moving the cursor from the menu at a superior position
5) DisplayDnCursor = The move cursor on the menu at a lower position
6) DisplayGetCursor = Read position the cursor on the menu (R16 = Position)
7) DisplayClear = Clear display
8) DisplayWriteTxt = enter a default text from flash memory
9) DisplayCreateProgress = Create a Progress bar
10)DisplayProgressRfsh = Update the progress bar (yl = value between 0 and 111)
11) DisplayCreateMenu = Create a Menu (x is adress of menu in Flash)
12) DisplayInkColor = Set the color character (R16-R17 = color)
13) DisplayBekgroundColor = Set the becground color (R16-R17 = color)
14) InteruptDriverLCD = Interupt priority

To access this subrutinelor driver just called routine selection functions.

Ldi R25,(Commanda)
Mov R15,R25
Rcall PrimireComenziDriverLcd6100

Resurse consumate:
- Flash ...
- EEprom ...
- Ram = (2x256)+20Bytes

Rfsh display is made to order InteruptPriorrity therefore it should be called the most possible and loops of delay and Idle because every call of this is rfsh a character on display, so to make everything rfsh display is need to call this with 256 times.
I chose this method because rfsh entire rfsh display controller take quite a long time about 0.2 seconds and if it stays in a loop of 5-second delay for example in those 5 seconds is no longer able to refrash, so may resort to a contrivance: to make delay-ROMs and much shorter and every delay to send the command to rfsh such display is being updated and if the display is ADD characters and commands of interruptions

Download this driver

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